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RANGERS TRADE LUNDMARK TO COYOTES [Oct. 24th, 2005|11:15 am]
NYR News


The Rangers traded on-again off-again pseudophenom Jamie Lundmark to the Coyotes forward Jeff Taffe.

Hockey News says:

"This is essentially a trade of spare parts for both clubs. Taffe was not seeing regular ice time, so a change of scenery was needed. Lundmark will probably ease his way into the Phoenix lineup, and may be used at all three forward positions by new coach Wayne Gretzky. The Rangers gave Lundmark one final shot at earning top-six minutes this training camp, but he lost that battle to the likes of Marcel Hossa and Petr Prucha. So, Taffe will now serve as the Rangers' extra forward and be used at all three forward positions (and in whatever role is needed)."

I say "no shit." Personally, Lundmark wasn't given enough ice time when he was a rookie because of Messier, and now we traded the guy. He had some promise, too...much like a stack of other Rangers that went away over the years.